What Makes Smithfield Different

We understand that physicians have options when it comes to healthcare facilities and partnerships. We are proud that Smithfield stands out in three key areas:

  1. Smithfield maintains minority ownership. We believe physician-centric developments are the future of healthcare and the key to providing the highest levels of patient care. Therefore, we hold a minority interest that ensures each development is controlled by physicians who are in the best position to make decisions impacting their clinical and surgical practice.

  2. No fees of any kind. Smithfield does not charge any development or management fees of any kind. This is a welcome departure from nearly all known healthcare facility developers in the nation. We are partners with physicians, sharing the same values and same business principles.

  3. Physician-friendly business principles. Smithfield believes that every stage of development must emphasize business principles that are physician-friendly. We work closely with our physician-partners to ensure their design, layout, staff, and training needs are met. We take care of the business development details so our physicians-partners have the control and flexibility to direct their medical practice.