The Smithfield Model

Together with our physician-partners, Smithfield Medical Development is building a healthcare model for the future.

Our innovative medical delivery systems ensure that physicians maintain ownership control over our developments, which are designed to meet the healthcare needs of the community.

Every step of our development model is physician-centric:

  1. Partnership Vision: Discussion of joint goals, business plans, and strategy. Creation  of vision for partnership and project.

  2. Business Analysis: Assessment of business, financial analysis, and planning for strategic growth.

  3. Partnership Structure and Commitment: An open partnership formation, based on shared values and a physician-centric model. Smithfield maintains a minority interest position, ensuring that our physicians-partners maintain control.

  4. Development Design and Plans: Creation of design and plan for real estate development, construction management, operations and processes, human resources and staffing.

  5. Active Development: Smithfield manages every detail to ensure that our shared project is built on time and without cost overruns. This includes licensing at state and federal levels.

  6. Site and Business Launch

  7. Management and Continued Growth