What makes Smithfield different from other development partners?

First, Smithfield holds minority ownership in each development, ensuring each development is controlled by physicians who are in the best position to make decisions impacting their clinical practice.

Second, Smithfield does not charge any development or management fees of any kind.

Third, Smithfield believes that every stage of development must emphasize business principles that are physician-friendly. We take care of the business development details so our physicians-partners have the control and flexibility to direct their medical practice.

Does Smithfield invest in each development? Yes. Smithfield believes in building an open partnership with physicians, sharing the same values and same business principles. Therefore, we maintain a physician-centric model, invest as a partner in each facility, and do not charge any additional fees.

Does Smithfield charge any development, management, or other types of fees? No. Smithfield does not charge fees of any kind.

How do I learn more about Smithfield? We look forward to meeting with you in person to discuss the Smithfield model and better share details about our firm, vision, and partnership opportunities. Please feel free to contact us at any time.