Ownership Benefits

Owning your own Ambulatory Surgery Center is a compelling business strategy that will greatly enhance your clinical practice and patient care:

  1. High Caliber Patient Care: We believe that physician-centric developments are the future of healthcare. Owning your own Ambulatory Surgery Center ensures maximum control to deliver the highest level of patient care. Physicians control the environment. Physicians control decisions on equipment and materials. Physicians are supported with a highly-trained staff that is dedicated to your values, your processes, and your clinical work.

  2. Flexibility and Control: Scheduling difficulties at the local hospital, delayed procedures, and associated frustrations are a thing of the past. Owning your own Ambulatory Surgery Center ensures that you control your own schedule. Your time is highly valuable and respected. Smithfield emphasizes ease of scheduling and works hard to support case volume growth and maximize physician time.

  3. Financial Opportunities: Performing procedures and cases in your own Ambulatory Surgery Center enables a multitude of reimbursement and financial benefits. Years of education and training are rewarded with financial opportunity, as well as the satisfaction of impacting patient lives and serving on the cutting edge of healthcare delivery.