Medical Malls

What is a medical mall? A medical mall is a uniquely designed medical community that allows patients to see multiple providers in a single welcoming location. Each physician’s practice exists as a separate entity. Patients are able to park in one location and connect with multiple specialist providers. Physicians provide services in an atmosphere that values collaboration while protecting physicians' interests and ensuring only one provider per specialty. In addition, opportunities exist to build a surgery center as an “anchor” for the medical mall—increasing patient flow and presenting physicians with enhanced profitability, great convenience and access.

What are the benefits, for a physician, of a medical mall? A medical mall, the next evolution in medical real estate, presents multiple opportunities for physicians and their individual practices. The medical mall environment fosters collaboration and referrals. Medical malls typically invite only one physician per specialty—further protecting physician interests. Physicians are able to easily connect and offer the highest level of patient care.

What are the benefits, for a patient, of a medical mall? Patients who visit providers located in medical mall benefit in terms of time, convenience, and access. Patients can connect with multiple providers in one location, ensuring ease of access and convenience in obtaining medical care. We believe the medical mall is the cutting edge of medical real estate, fosters collaboration between specialists, presents convenient access to healthcare, and encourages the highest level of patient care.