Medical Malls

Together, Smithfield Medical Development and our physician-partners are building tomorrow's healthcare model today with development of the Medical Mall.

Smithfield is proud to work with our physician partners in building medical malls—uniquely designed medical communities that allow patients to see multiple providers in one warm and welcoming location. The medical mall concept merges high caliber patient care with cutting- edge real estate development trends. Patients are able to park in one location and connect with multiple specialist providers. Physicians provide services in an atmosphere that values collaboration while protecting physicians' interests and ensuring only one provider per specialty.

Smithfield provides comprehensive real estate development programs designed to eliminate cost and time overruns, minimize rents, and produce environments that are physician-friendly and ensure the highest level of patient care.

Driven by excellence, Smithfield has the experience, expertise, and flexibility to build medical malls that best serve the healthcare needs of the community and provide physicians with innovative medical delivery systems. We have a relentless focus on the enhancement of physician profitability at all stages of development.